Sync gateway not picking configuration from sync_gateway.json inside /home/sync_gateway

Hi All,

This issue is coming for the first time in installation from last 2 years, I have tried 2.0, 2.1.1, 2.1.2 where the sync gateway service on Ubuntu 16.04 is not picking config from /home/sync_gateway/sync_gateway.json

This has never come before, I found this issue also on the windows where it was not picking config from serviceconfig.json

The server is Ubuntu 16.04.5.

For some small testing I am using CBS and SG on the same server. CBS is 6.0.0.

I have updated the config but the SG is always starting in walrus mode.

Please Help

CC : @househippo, @priya.rajagopal

Pankaj Sharma

Resolved. Was configuration issue.