Sync Gateway - Link _user & profile docs

New to couchbase. Trying to set something up where I can create a user url/{$db}/_user/{$username} and then also setup a profile document with id {$username} & then when I DELETE url/{$db}/_user/{$username} the _user doc & my profile document both get deleted.

Is there a way to do this with views?

Hi @jyoung3231,

The _user endpoint does have documents associated with it, but those are really internal for implementation purposes. This isn’t the sort of thing views are designed for.

Question, why wouldn’t you just delete the profile document from the same agent that deletes the user?

Otherwise my first suggestion would be to have something monitor the changes feed and react to the _user deletion.

Also, you might want to make sure to put this under the mobile category. Otherwise questions can get overlooked.