Sync Gateway High Server DCP Latency

Hello, we had a high Server DCP Latency and write processing the 01/29 at 3h am. Sync-gateway begin to consume memory the 01/29 at 3h30 pm. The 01/30 at 8h30 am, we decided to restart it. All functioned like it should. But this is not the first time this happens. We need to restart sync gateway every 2 days!!

Please, help us to understand this situation and how can we escape it in the future ??

What version of Sync Gateway are you running?
What version of Couchbase Server are you running?

Next time this happens, can you run sgcollect_info before the restart?
It’s difficult to determine why this happened with only the information in the post.

sgcollect_info will automatically zip up logs, heap profiles, stats, etc. to determine what is responsible for the memory usage.
Don’t post the zip publically. Send me a PM on the forums with the sgcollect_info zip.

  • Couchbase Server Community Edition 6.0.0 build 1693
  • Sync-Gateway 2.6.1-community

Thanks for your swift reply and help.

Any update on this? we are still facing latency issues!