Sync gateway goes for a infinite loop when changesFeed operation is performed on a particular document


We have a strange case where for one of our mobile client, which fires the changesFeed request to the CB server, makes the SyncGW go for an infinite loop for that particular request. Only when the client comes to foreground and tries syncing the docs again, this looping ends.

We have attached the syncGW logs for this issue. Please help in this regard ASAP.

The Mobile number we are referring in the logs is 9886424808.CB (2.1 MB)

Note: The mobile client is in idle state and not performing any other operation.

More details…

(a) CBL client (user : 919886424808) issues a long poll “_changes” feed request, sync gw returns 200 OK immediately (even when there are no changes)
(b) CBL re-sends the long poll request after it receives 200 OK (normal behavior)
© This repeats infinitely

Question is why does sync gw keep thinking there are changes although there are no changes ??


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