Sync Gateway channel mapping

Hi Team,
We are doing a POC on the channel mapping. This is our to be setup, we have multiple sync gateway (say sg1,sg2,sg3,sg4) , the user-channel mapping has been done via admin rest api , this is done via spring service. Now our question is, do we need to call all 4 admin rest api to make sure the mapping is done ? or is there a replication mechanism available to make this happening?

ex: i have created a channel mapping for user 1 in sg1. how this will be transferred to sg2,sg3,sg4? what is best option to do this?
“name”: “54321”,
“admin_channels”: [

User data is shared in the same way document data is shared (each Sync Gateway is talking to the same Couchbase Server bucket for persistent storage)

You only need to update the user via a single SG node.