Sync Gateway attachments on separate disk

Does sync gateway stores attachment in bucket or outside database (f.e. file system)?
If it is storing in file system is there any way or future plan to configure it to store it into separate disk or bucket?

The reason I am asking is I want to store pure documents in SSD storage and attachments in normal Hard disk to reduce the server cost.

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It’s stored in the bucket. I think we have plan to move it outside, @zgramana can tell you more on this.

Any update about that?

We have a similar use case here. We’re thinking of storing attachment to an external disk as pvaghasi needs, but we could also consider detaching the attachment upon receipt and replacing by some URL in the Couchbase Document on the fly.

Maybe Zack/@zgramana could help here?

How Sync Gateway stored attachments in the bucket?
As docs show that I can not delete attachments by SG REST API.
And I found a way to delete attachments by SG REST API. but I am not sure If the attachments is deleted in bucket?
How should I delete attachment by SG REST API completely?