Switching couchbase clusters


We are trying to switch between couchbase clusters in runtime by using JMX
The JMX calls bucket.close and then cluster.disconnect this act successfully as expected. After that we connect by creating new cluster instance with new set of nodes this was also OK. Open the bucket was a success (We get in the log that we are connected successfully and we see also that it is connected to all the couchbase nodes in the log).
Now when issue an action on the bucket (upset, get) from reason that is unknown to us (little people) the request went into the oblivion and return only after giving up with timeout.
Another important detail is that we have about 4 instances of the cluster in our same JVM (for decouple reasons), and we repeat the action for each instance.

Some tech info:
We are using couchbase server 3.1.0 and java sdk 2.3.4

Any clues?

@oded.hassidi hm, without logs and code I don’t think there is much I can do at this point. can you share that maybe?