Swappines setting in CB deployment

Hi Team,

As per below couchbase documentation while deploying CB, we need to set swappiness "vm.swappiness" value to zero.
Swap Space and Kernel Swappiness | Couchbase Docs.

But while going through a technical article it is mentioned to set to the value 1.


Could you please help us that which one is correct.


They both recommend setting swappiness=1 for Linux >= 3.5-rc1

|Linux Kernel Version|Recommended Swappiness|
| --- | --- |
|3.5-rc1 and higher|1*|
**Linux Kernel 3.5-rc1 and Newer**:

Set **swappiness** to **1**. This setting helps mitigate the risk of out-of-memory (OOM) kills under high memory and I/O pressure without being too aggressive about moving processes to swap

@mreiche Thanks for response. Yesterday it was mismatch like CB documentation (the attached screenshot for CB 7.1) mentioned to set zero where as technical article says to one.
Due to which we raised in forum to get clarity.
The kernel version also 3.5 is very old which released around year 2012.

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