Support for N1QL indexes and/or views via operator?

Hello - I’ve been testing the beta release of the operator using AKS in Azure with good results. I’m curious if there are plans to support n1ql indexes or views? This seems like a large missing piece of the overall application deployment story. I was thinking of prototyping something myself to manage this, but if it’s on the roadmap I would rather wait for that feature.

Hi @tcoates,

Yes, of course we support all our core technologies/services - N1QL, Global Secondary Indexing, Full Text Search, Eventing (new in 5.5) and Analytics (new in 5.5 & tech preview), XDCR.

You can read here Deploying a Couchbase Cluster on how to enable different Couchbase MDS Services (Data, Query, Index, FTS, Eventing, Analtics) through CouchbaseCluster CRD configuration file. Once you enable and create Couchbase cluster it will have all those services running in the cluster.

Here are some demo you can see Couchbase Connect NY 2018.


Anil Kumar

I was talking about the indexes/views themselves, not just the indexing service. Basically, will there be support in the cluster definition for the equivalent of a CREATE INDEX statement?