Stress test using pillow-fight

Hi all,
I’m trying to stress test a Couchbase cluster and pillow fight is a great tool, however, it only looks for documents by their key. I want the test to be realistic as it can, so I want to look for documents by a specific field.
I’ve populated the bucket myself.
Is there a way to do it with pillow fight?
I saw there is another tool called n1qlback, however, it doesn’t work at all so I don’t know if it is a good tool, something in the documentation is not right. I have a bucket without a password and I keep getting:
Failed to bootstrap instance. libcouchbase error: LCB_ERR_AUTHENTICATION_FAILURE (206): Authentication error
I’ve tried running it with my admin credentials, created a new bucket with a password. Nothing works.


Hi, can you please help exact command for pillow fight that you are using. Here is quick blog that you refer to -

The problem is actually with n1qlback, no matter what I’m doing (users, buckets, etc.) I keep getting error 206:
LCB_ERR_AUTHENTICATION_FAILURE (206): Authentication error
If I’m running the same command on the container CLI it works.
I’ve installed n1qlback from your website guide here