Strangely big backup size

Hi! My bucket disk size is 2.13GB, and disk size of the indexes is 2.3 GB, but a .cbb file made with a cbbackupmgr is 15GB size. Is it ok? Can I reduce some how this huge excess? 6.5.1 CE. Thank you!

Hello @1110 ,

Just wanted to confirm a few things before explaining what might be going on. You mentioned cbbackupmgr but then mention the version is 6.5.1 CE. That versions does not have cbbackupmgr , is the backup tool being used cbbackup? The files in question have .cbb extension which again would suggest cbbackup is being used and not cbbackupmgr.

Can you confirm if cbbackup or cbbackupmgr is being used please.


Oh, I’m sorry. Yes, you are right, it was cbbackup.

This normally happens when cbbackup is struggling to keep up with the cluster when streaming data off for the backup. The good news is that cbbackupmgr does not have this problem and will also be available in CE for the first time in 7.0.

For now, you could try using cbbackupwrapper which should perform the backup faster and reduce the overall disk size being created.