Still waiting to -forgetDatabaseNamed:

Hello, my ios App is experiencing screen freezing while doing data sync. I’m implementing a solution for this, I have sent all the replication process to a background thread, I followed this guide to crate a CBLManager in background (objective C)
Only replication is run in background, CRUD operations are handled normally, therefore I’m using 2 CBL managers.
Looks like this approach is working ok, but the problem comes when I want to delete the database.
I’m getting the following error and the database cannot be deleted:
"Still waiting to -forgetDatabaseNamed:"
Any idea on how to fix this is very well appreciated,
BR Sandra

Replication always runs on a background thread, even if you create the CBLManager on the main thread. So whatever was blocking the main thread was not related to replication.

We’ve seen this database-closing bug before and fixed it, but it sounds like it’s come back. (See issue 846). The person who reported the recurrence hasn’t filed a new issue yet, though. So please file an issue yourself.

Thank you Jens, I’ll do that.