Starting Sync Gateway on the AWS Community Instance

I got the community instance ami running from AWS. My instance is the Server + Synch Gateway instance. I see the rpm files for synch_gateway in the ec2-user home directory and trying to install the synch gateway tells me it is already installed. I am able to connect to the server web console and create the synch_gateway data bucket. HOWEVER, when trying to run the following command to start the synch gateway ./sync_gateway -url http://localhost:8091 I get "“synch_gateway” no such file or directory… I know this is something simple but I cant figure out what to do from here…


Know that it has been awhile since you posted this question but curious on if you have resolved the issue and the solution.

I am not able to reproduce what you described but wondering which rpm version did you use to install Sync Gateway?
Presuming the Couchbase Server running, then which port is the Sync Gateway on?
Also, did you include or modify the config.JSON file for the Sync Gateway as this is required.

Yea, I am also having the same error. I installed the Sync Gateway 1.1 on an Amazon AMI.

Looks like a duplicate of this thread: How to connect to Couchbase Server (AMI) on Amazon?