Can't get sync_gateway working

I have a couch base server running on amazon EC2. I have 2 buckets …

  1. sync_gateway for syncing data from web app & mobile app.
  2. myDb for having my documents… “It is my application database”

I am using config.json file…

    "log": ["REST", "CRUD", "CRUD+", "HTTP", "HTTP+", "Access", "Cache", "Changes", "Changes+"],
    "dbname": "myDb",
    "databases": {
        "sync_gateway": {
            "server": "http://localhost:8091",
            "bucket": "sync_gateway",
            "sync": `function(doc) {channel(doc.channels);}`

For mobile client I am using ServerUrl as:


  1. The documents created from mobile app not coming in myDb.

Please help!!

You’ll need to provide more detail than that before we can help.