SSL on couchbase server 2.5 (EE)?

Hi, we are still on Couchbase server 2.5 EE (upgrading soon).

Is it possible to use SSL on this older version?

When I try and use SSL in the client config, I get a connection refused on port 11207 (11210 is normally used when ssl is off which works as expected).

When I then check netstat on our nodes, port 11207 is not listening, hence the above doesn’t work.

I cannot see any way within the configs to enable this and restarting a node does nothing, so it’s not like something has died and just needed a restart.

So is it actually possible to use ssl to access a bucket on version 2.5 EE?

IIRC SSL was only added in 3.x, so no, you’ll need a newer version.

Hi, thanks very much for confirming, yeah I just found a footnote on the server 3.0 release notes to indicate that was new as of version 3. Thanks :slight_smile: