Sqoop authentication - how to use username/password

I installed sqoop and the couchbase sqoop plugin.

When running the import command I get an HTTP 401 error which is an authentication error. The manual says to use --password when you have a password but it is not clear how to input the user name and anything I tried does not solve the issue.

Any ideas?

My import sting (without the username/password) looks like this:
sudo -u hdfs sqoop import --table BACKFILL_60 http://:8091/pools


The short answer is:

  • the username is the name of the bucket
  • the password is the SASL password for the bucket

So when you are doing a import (importing data into HDFS from Couchbase)

sqoop import --connect http://162/198.0.13:8091/pools – table DUMP --username myBucket --password -bucketPassword

When you are doing an export (exporting from HDFS into Couchbase) it is more or less the same:

sqoop export --connect http://162/198.0.13:8091/pools – table NOTUSED --export-dir stats/results --username myBucket -password -bucketPassword

If you do not put any username, sqoop is using default (default bucket).

In you case, the import, which bucket are you exporting? Is it protected by a password?


Thanks. I am trying this.