Spring data couchbase reload Bucket,Cluster and CouchbaseTemplate

I have a requirement to reload cluster,Bucket and CouchbaseTemplate with new username,passsword .My couchbase username password changes every 25 days so i want to make new instance of Cluster,Bucket and create CouchbaseTemplate from them.Then replace it in the applicationContext.Is there a possibility to acheive this without affecting couchbase Transactions?
I am trying to generate
CouchbaseTemplate couchbaseTemplateNew =CouchbaseTemplate(com.couchbase.client.java.cluster.ClusterInfo clusterInfo, com.couchbase.client.java.Bucket client, CouchbaseConverter converter,TranslationService translationService)
replace existing applicationContext.registerSingleton("couchbaseTemplate",couchbaseTemplateNew ).

Will this work out without impacting live transactions? @sidra.shahbaz10