Sorting by field name and Not using N1QL query

I have a problem statement where I have to add items to user list.
“itemId”: “sampleContent1”
“userId”: “User1”
"timestamp ": 2141234132

Assuming that I have inserted 10 contents for User1 (sampleContent1 …sampleContent10), how do I retrieve the most recently added content to user list WITHOUT USING N1QL.

Without using N1QL only way you can retrieve is through document key. You can also try map/reduce views.

Thanks… Document key may not help in my case. I have one more question with map/reduce views. Map reduce will return all document whatever I define in view EMIT. If I had to add filter like “userId=user1”, that can be done only in local memory right?

I am not expert in views, you can checkout