Sort on specific nested array object value

I’m using couchbase lite for android 2.8.5 and attempting to sort based on a specific value in an array. My JSON is as follows:

   "name": "aName",
   "infoArray": [
           "key": "1",
           "nestedObject": { "value": 5.0 }
           "key": "2",
           "nestedObject": { "value": 6.0 }

Essentially I want to select the infoArray.nestedObject.value property where key == "1" and then sort on it. I have read Querying arrays but it does not seem to cover my use case and I have not been able to figure out how to do this by looking at the API. Is this possible?

Couchbase Lite does not support array unnest functionality which is probably what you need here. So for now, you will have to fetch the documents and handle it within the app