Some documents are not indexed


I have about 100~120 docs with the following data format

    "id": 1,
    "form": "product",
    "meta": {
    "values": {
        "field1": "value",
        "field2": "value"

I created an index to cover id, meta, and values.

Covering index

create index `test_cover` on bucket(id, meta, `values`) where form="product"

Regular index

create index `test_form` on bucket(form) where form="product"

I’m seeing unexpected behavior with covering index.

The following query does not return all docs that should be in the index

select * from bucket use index (`test_cover`) where form = 'product'

but non-covering index does

select * from bucket  where form = 'product'

Is this a bug…?

Update1: Is there size limitation on covered field? Only diff I see between indexed doc and unindexed doc is that unindexed doc has larger values field.

There is limit on index key size. If that limit exceeds it will not index that document and entry will be logged in indexer.log . This is been expected.

You have 2 options

  1. Reduce the number of index keys or size of index key
  2. Increase index keysize by changing settings. cc @deepkaran.salooja

Ah…that makes sense.

What settings should I change? Is there a doc on it?


curl -X POST http://<ip_address>:9102/settings -u username:password -d ‘{“indexer.settings.max_seckey_size”: <new_size_in_bytes>}’

Thank you. Is there a way to see the current value?

curl http://<ip_address>:9102/settings -u username:password

you can look for the setting value in the returned json.

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Can this be used in 4.5.1?

I just posted the setting, but I don’t see it coming back from /settings response.

Yes, this setting works in 5.0 and above. For 4.5.1, you’ll have to limit the secondary key to less than 4k.

Thanks! In that case…I guess I have limit the key for now.