Slow couchbase %like%

Query :
select count() from bucket_name;
> 706163
select count(
) from bucket_name where obj_type=0;
> 387604
select bucket_name.* from bucket_name where obj_type = 0 and text like ‘%text%’ and timestamp > 1569862800 and timestamp < 1573059600 limit 3500
> elapsed: 18.14s | execution: 18.14s | count: 648 | size: 930364

Index :
CREATE INDEX wd_0 ON wamon_data(obj_type);
CREATE INDEX wd_1 ON bucket_name(text,timestamp) WHERE obj_type =0;

LIKE “%blah%” is the worst predicate in SQL and other query languages.
Use FTS feature/service to do the real search, or TOKENS() as a workaround.

i try FTS with python sdk, but

qp = FT.ConjunctionQuery(FT.TermQuery(term='blah', field='text'))
results ='index_name', qp, limit=25)
for result in results:
    print(result) // not iterated

i got time out

couchbase.exceptions._TimeoutError_0x17 (generated, catch TimeoutError): <RC=0x17[Client-Side timeout exceeded for operation. Inspect network conditions or increase the timeout], HTTP 
Request failed. Examine 'objextra' for full result, Results=1, C Source=(src/http.c,144), OBJ=ViewResult<rc=0x17[Client-Side timeout exceeded for operation. Inspect network conditions 
or increase the timeout], value=None, http_status=0, tracing_context=0, tracing_output=None>, Tracing Output={":nokey:0": null}>

Do you have the FTS service and the index defined?

yes i already create one

You may check a few things like,

1- check whether the search works from the fts web ui?
1.1-if so, check whether the searches from your client/sdk is reaching the server ? Check for the query stats/graphs in
the statistics page. (index listing page itself if you are on 6.5.0 beta release)
1.1.2 if not, then look for any connectivity/firewall issues between client sdk and server?
1.1.3 if query reaches there, then need to check whether you have a multinode fts cluster and they have the right
ports/firewall configurations between them.


Thanks for the help.
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