Simplest way to develop and host a read-only website on top of my data

I have a mobile application that stores its data into a Couchbase Server + Sync Gateway cluster (as described in the excellent tutorial by Traun Leyden there: Now I need to develop a very simply website that shows some of the data in my Couchbase bucket. For now, this website will not need to modify the data, only display some of it. I know Java and Groovy/Grails very well, but they are pretty heavyweight and seem overkill for such a simple thing. Plus they cost a lot to host. Node.JS seems nice but I don’t have a lot of experience with it and I’m definitely a big fan of Javascript. Knowing that, which technology would you advise me to consider? And what would be the simplest way to host such a simple website?

Hey @sarbogast,

If you are already using Couchbase Mobile and Sync Gateway, one way that is minimal overhead is to go through the REST API and present the data/values on your website. If you are not modifying any data like you mentioned, these will be GET requests on the sync-gateway port.

There are plenty of Website hosting services. Where are you hosting currently the Couchbase stack?

Here u can get some more help about web development. They’ve got a lot of usefuk hints.