Simple solution for searching in Couchbase Server?

My target is:
I want to search docs that satisfy like ‘%keyword%’ and ignore upper case and ‘ẵ’ or ‘a’ with same result.

In N1QL can search like condition, but not ignore upper case.
If using view, i only can search with ‘keyword%’.

I search many time in this forum but can’t find any solution for this.

Sorry for this question, because i am newer for couchbase and my English not good.
I hope you can understand my question.

Hi, most of our users deploy an Elasticsearch instance next to their Couchbase server to handle such issues. If you are looking for fulltext search like this than that is probably what you need.

Also, Couchbase will soon come up CBFT , Couchbase Full Text Server.

If you don’t want to use another software for this, you will have to duplicate the fields you want to use in your search and remove all the diacritics sign manually.

Thanks @ldoguin.
I try to use cbft.
In query tab i use query string: fieldName:keyword and get result with exactly keyword. How can i search with wildcard? (%keyword%).
Thanks in advance.

FYI CBFT is in developer preview right now.

If you are using N1QL, something like this should work:

SELECT fname, email
   FROM tutorial
   WHERE email  LIKE '%e@gmail.c%'

You can test this directly on our online tutorial here:

If you want to learn more about N1QL this Cheat Sheet is a great resource:


Do you have dates for CBFT GA important for many of us to start plan to implement