Simple HTTP View Query using CURL

Okay, I feel pretty stupid having built the Couchbase 2.0 preview from source and not even being able to query a simple view using CURL, but I am at the end of my rope and going to ask the stupid question anyway:

How do I simply use CURL in a CouchDB-specific manner (not memcached and using HTTP) to return the JSON associated with a view I created using a test document?
I am new to CouchDB and Couchbase, watched a bunch of videos, and apparently am still not getting how to do this simple thing. My apologies for the stupid question.
For your reference, I have created a single document and a development view called “notes”.


Hi Travis,
To query the view, try curl -X GET<design_doc_name>/_view/<view_name>
Note: replace <design_doc_name> and <view_name>.

Here’s an example of query results from a view name “test” that I created where I only want the JSON documents that match the key “Dipti”

dipti$ curl -X GET“Dipti”


You can find more information on the different arguments you can use for querying here:
hope this helps.

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