SG syncing different amounts of "old documents"

Hey, I have following scenario:

I have an iOS application and two users. If I remove the application and log in to user 1 the SG synchonises every document assigned to user 1 channel. If I log out of user 1 and log in to user 2, only the 10-15 most recent documents are synchronised, and the older ones are left out. If I delete the app again and log in to user 2 on starting up, all user 2 documents are synchronised. Is there something wrong with my SG json?

Thanks in advance,

What exactly do you do when you “log out of user 1 and log in to user 2”? If you only change the auth, but don’t reset the replicator or delete the client-side database, the replicator will only look at newer changes. Resetting the replicator is one way to fix this.

If you’re going to switch between user accounts, I usually recommend keeping a separate database for each user, or at least deleting and re-creating the single database when changing logins. Otherwise documents that were accessible to the first user but not the second will remain in local storage, causing security or privacy issues.