Setting up Couchbase Capella on Spark on mac OS


I am getting an error that I can’t resolve while trying to set up Couchbase Capella on my local Jupyter Notebook using Python.
Problem to connect to my cloud couchbase instance. I have a 30days free trial.

I have tried many different combinations of instances and my Authentification are the correct ones.

Here is the error I get.

Thanks for the help.

Here is SDK doctor output :

Hi @Benoit_Delecourt,

Sorry to hear that you are facing troubles with your Capella cluster.

Have you whitelisted the IP from which you are trying to connect on Capella?

Also, can you share the code and the Python SDK version with which you are trying to connect to Capella?


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Hi @nithishr ,
Thank you very much for your answer, not whitelisting the IP was actually my problem!
All good now!