Set all data on Android in local

I have this DB on my server

All that data is syncronized the first time that the app is launched. The problem that I have is that frequently (for test reason) I have to reinstall the app (clean reinstallation) so I have to wait more or less 2 hours in order to syncronized the app with the data.I wonder if there is a way to syncronized in local with all the data that I have in my DB as a JSON, I mean:
1.-Create a big JSON with all the data I have in the database
2.- Attach that JSON in local in android
3.- Load the data

Is that possible?
Thanks a lot in advanced

Yes, you can bundle and use a prebuilt database. See Using the pre-built database.

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Thanks a lot @hod.greeley, but I have not clear How I can convert my full CouchBase DB in a JSON with all the info.

Hi @jcuevas,

You can sync the database once to a Couchbase Lite client and the copy the underlying database files to create the pre-built database. If you can’t pull it from a device, you can use a desktop client. You can use this Java app to do it.