Self deployed couchbase server on aws ec2 + sync gateway slow speed

I have deployed a couchbase server + sync gateway implementation on an EC2 instance though when I tried to sync the docs (~2 million) syncing speed is quite slow as compared to capella + sync gateway, although the RAM is comparable in both cases. Any particular reason as to why that might be slow? Using only 1 node and 1 bucket in the cluster.

Perhaps you could give us a little detail about what you are doing? “Syncing speed”? Syncing with what? Since you seem to be using CouchBase Lite (Mobile) I’m guessing that you are talking about syncing to some device. What device? Running what version of CB Lite?
Delighted to help if we can just get on the same page with where you are seeing the issue.

Hi blake, thanks for reaching out, here are some more details:

  • we are using Couchbase lite for mobile (iOS), version 3.0.2
  • have predefined docs in the couchbase server on an 8GB EC2 machine
  • whenever a user logs in to the application, the sync process from the couchbase server to the iOS application starts config.replicatorType = .pull
  • docker images for the server and sync gateway are: (couchbase/server:7.1.4-dockerhub), (couchbase/sync-gateway:2.8.4-community) respectively
  • By sync speed I mean the no. of docs / time taken to pull all the docs from the server to couchbase lite on mobile
  • allocated 500 MB RAM for both couchbase server bucket and capella bucket
  • Tried this on multiple devices including iPhone 14 plus / iPhone 14 pro emulator

I don’t think we’d expect performance to match between Capella (which runs EE versions of Sync Gateway and CBS) and CE versions running in your environment - there are many performance enhancements in the EE version that might be involved here, in addition to differences in the way Capella configures Sync Gateway.