Select count(1) from bucket where fieldA=1; never ends

I ran this index creation:
create index bucket_fieldA on bucket(fieldA);

And then:
select count(1) from bucket where fieldA=1;

(fieldA either exists with value 1 or not exists at all)

The bucket contains 2M documents with 300K with fieldA=1

The query runs and never ends.
How can I troubleshoot this case?


To set your expectations correctly here, performance is certainly not the goal with the preview. We are also in the process of building secondary indexing that will drastically change the performance characteristics at the time of release.

could you provide details on how many nodes and RAM quota on the bucket?

4 aws t2.medium nodes.
Total cluster RAM = 12.3GB
Quota for the bucket = 10.2GB

I don’t expect the query to run less than a second but I don’t think iterating 300K documents and not even 2M documents should take forever.

Hi gluz, please try the new DP4: