SDK v4: mutate subdocument fails even if createPath option is provided

await collection.mutateIn('documentId', [
      createPath: true,

If does not exists I get a “path not found” error, even if the createPath options is provided.

I already opened an issue about it:

Thanks @losapevo , we will look into this, just to confirm document with key documentId do exists correct ?

Hi @AV25242
Of course. That was just an example, but I can confirm that “documentId” exists, while does not exist. No metter how long the path is, if the father property does not exists, the mutate fails

Hi @losapevo
We identified this issue internally ( The fix will be available in 4.0.1.


Sorry guys, when v4.0.1 is planned to be released?

@losapevo that would be May 3rd.