Scan Consistency

hello, I just started couchbase, I don’t understand what these are, can you please explain in detail
Max Parallelism
Positional Parameters
Named Parameters
Scan Consistency not_bounded request_plus stament_plus

Max Parallelism by default 1, if set more than one when possible it runs query that many threads (limited by cpus) in parallel .

Positional Parameters, Named Parameters (Host variables in RDBMS) used prepare query generically once execute using different values.

scan_consistency, couchbase index is eventual consistent, this setting allows catch the index before index scan

It has been explained in details here Settings and Parameters | Couchbase Docs

Also checkout

Hi @ibrahimyldz11q
If you’re using the SDKs you can also see some examples and explanation of those parameters in the SDK docs. E.g. the Java ones are here: N1QL Queries from the SDK | Couchbase Docs