SASL auth socket error on cbtransfer

I was trying to communicate to one of the our cloud server where the cb is hosted. while trying to extract the json docs to a csv file I encountered below error, please respond with exact issue and solution.
command I used:
C:\Program Files\Couchbase\Server\bin>cbtransfer http://“server address”:8091 csv:data11.csv -b “bucket name” -u Administrator -p "admin pasword"
error: SASL auth socket error: “server address”:11210, user: “bucket name”

Note that the bucket in question is password enabled. The same command works fine on a local cb server

Hello i have this exact same problem too, my couchbase community edition server is on amazon cloud, but i am unable to access it, for me it gives
error: SASL auth socket error: 10.10.x.x:11210, user:“user”

why would it give a socket error on an internal ip address?

can anyone help me with connecting to amazon couchbase through couchbase sdks? it seems that the node.js sdk, windows sdk, nothing can connect to the amazon cloud couchbase community edition