Run Kafka Connector on Docker

Hi Team,

I have my kafka and zookeeper running as docker in my kubernetes cluster.
I want to run kafka-connect-couchbase connector in my kubernetes using docker.
How can i do that?

You could use docker images from Confluent:

For example in this section:

You can add volume pointing to couchbase connector jars like this

    - /host/path/to/couchbase/connector/jars:/etc/kafka-connect/jars

Where /host/path/to/couchbase/connector/jars is location on the host system where you put the connector jars. Or you can derive your own docker image and put connector jars as the layer.

Hi @avsej
We are using Kafka connector without confluent , i.e only using Kafka. Is there any docker image for that also?

I think you can use Confluent script to build your own Kafka cluster too

But we have already setup and installed kafka in kubernetes.

you cannot copy connector there? why you cannot deploy your custom docker image into kubernetes?