Ruby client connection refused using node_list

Looks like a bug! It’s definitely fixed in later developer preview versions (I confirmed it works with 1.2.0dp6), but it was not working for me for couchbase gems 1.1.2 & 1.1.3. I was getting similar error: Connection failed: Connection refused (error=0x17) (Couchbase::Error::Connect).
I’ll notify avsej, thanks for reporting this!!

This looks like it’s formed right. Maybe the syntax got changed. I will confirm with avsej and try it out myself…
Just to be complete, which gem version are you using? i.e. did you gem install couchbase? or gem install couchbase --pre?

Hi, i’m using 1.1.2.
I did “gem install couchbase” it was like 2 weeks ago.
I noticed there is a new version (1.1.3) released 3 days ago, but as for the release/commit notes I don’t think it is there now, right?
Thanks and please do keep me posted.
best regards.

hi guys. node_list feature isn’t accessible in couchbase 1.1.x branch
and as documentation for preview version says… node_list option accepts array of hosts with optional ports

I have set up couchbase on 2 servers( & both in the same bucket(default). I’m able to connect to each individually, but not when passing the node_list arg as shown below:
It connnects when I do so:
client = Couchbase.connect(“”)
client = Couchbase.connect(“”)
but I get a refuse connection error when I try:
c = Couchbase.connect( :pool => “default”, :port => 8091, :node_list => [‘’, ‘’])
c = Couchbase.connect( :pool => “default”, :port => 8091, :node_list => [‘’, ‘’])
c = Couchbase.connect( :pool => “default”, :node_list => [‘’, ‘’])
AND with other combinations that I have tried…
I was taking a look on the client source code and couldn’t find anything related to this node_list arg. Is it still supported(since we can still find this option on the documentation)?
So, any ideas on what am I doing wrong?
BTW, just in case anyone asks, they seem to be working properly when it comes to replicate the data between themselves.

after installing the preview version it worked like a charm.
Thank you guys!