Ruby and Couchbase Tutorial - invalid_design_document


I am new to Couchbase and attempting to learn it with the Ruby SDK Tutorial found here. When I attempt to start the rails server, I received the following error:

bucket.rb:192:in `continue’: failed to execute HTTP request, Success: invalid_design_document: A design document may only contain mapreduce or spatial views (Not an error) (key="/beer-sample/_design/brewery", status=“400” (Bad Request), error=0x00) (Couchbase::Error::HTTP)

I have Googled and Googled and Googled to no avail, can somebody please direct me as to why I am receiving the error?



I have gotten the exact same error. Trying to get a Rails app to talk to Couchbase. The error happens on startup. I wonder if it is because of a newer Couchbase version, an older GEM, and older Rails. Any insights would be useful.