Revision working very weird some times in Couchbase Lite iOS

I am developing an application and all applications must have the same data. Following example is getting failed sometimes but not every time.

Application A is sending data and application B is just showing data. But Sometimes when application A is sending data but Application B still showing old data. Here I a attached mobile lite logs also.

Here are my configurations

** CouchbaseLite-Swift-Enterprise 2.0.3**

        "log": ["*"],
        "databases": {
                "stores": {
                        "server": "http://localhost:8091",
                        "bucket": "stores",
                        "username": "adminusername",
                        "password": "password",
                        "users": {
                                "GUEST": {
                                        "disabled": false,
                                        "admin_channels": ["*"]


Application A log 1:

Application A log 2:

Application B log 1:

Application B log 2:

  1. Please let me know, Where i did mistake?
  2. Is there anyway, how to find, what is document data based on revision id?

You’ve got conflicts – note the line “Created conflict with…” in the log.

In 2.0, when CBL receives a conflicting revision it ignores it and keeps the existing local one. That’s not ideal behavior, but we haven’t implemented full conflict handling yet. Can you avoid creating conflicts? Or if not, please describe your scenario where conflicts are unavoidable – this well help us in designing our resolution API.

@priya.rajagopal @wcarter

@itssrinadh If the default conflict resolution does not work for you, can you share specifics of your use case in the GitHub ticket . If you would prefer , you can also directly message me with the requested info.

@priya.rajagopal i did message you personally. i explained my case and added synch logs gist as well.

Thanks- Will take a look. BTW, please share the sync logs here in this forum . I was only looking for specifics of your use case .

Thank you @priya.rajagopal Here is my log file

@priya.rajagopal & @jens any update.