"returned unparseable data" warning

Hello experts,

I’m getting lots of warnings like this during a big sync:

WARNING CBLRemoteJSONRequest . . .
sync_gateway/_all_docs?include_docs=true returned unparseable data '{“rows”:[

I’m sorry I had to delete some text from the warning. The server would always complain that my “submission contains invalid characters and will not be accepted”. I couldn’t figure out which characters were the culprits.

I don’t understand how the Sync Gateway could return unparseable data. Does it have a bug, or is there some mistake in the CB Lite (iOS) client library, or in my code? FYI, all my calls to the Couchbase code are currently from the main thread.

If there is no fix, is there a way to turn off console logging for these warnings? My documents are quite big (because they include full text and base64 data) and the logging slows down the sync so much that it never finishes (to put that more correctly: I don’t have patience to wait for it).

Looking forward to your insights


Please file a bug report at https://github.com/couchbase/sync_gateway/issues