Retrieving documents from Couchbase server to iOS


I want to retrieve the documents from CB and display in iOS app. I see Travel sample app, which is adding new document from iOS app to CB. but i want a sample for other way around. iOS app will only retrieve documents and display on iOS UI. Do we have any Couchbase iOS sample for that? I understand that Couchbase is for bi-directional, but this scenario is just for a screen.


The travel sample app does demonstrate exactly what you are looking for - You can create/update document via CBS and sync it to iOS app via pull replication. The user document that includes the flight reservations is created on the server side when the user signs up via the web app. The flight reservation details are added from either client or the web app to this document. Check out this section of the tutorial which discusses sync .

For a simpler tutorial on sync, you can check this out

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