Retrieve statistics after batch async upsert

Hello good people from couchbase!
I am currently trying to create some mechanism to validate that all my documents made it to the DB, I am using the java SDK for the insertions, something along the lines of:

            protected void bulkLoad(List<JsonDocument> documents, long batchSize) {
                Observable<JsonDocument> largeBulk =
                        .flatMap(doc -> couchbaseBucket.async().upsert(doc))
                                .delay(Delay.exponential(TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS, 1000))

                largeBulk.subscribe(createSubscriber(documents, batchSize));

Now, this function is called several times inside a loop, and I am saving the total amount of documents I have been inserting. The question here is: How can I verify that all of my documents made it to couchbase? As of now I see no way of getting this info programatically, is there of call I can make through the SDK to get this info from couchbae using N1QL or even using the couchbase REST API? Any feedback is more than welcome.


If there aren’t any errors, it will be in the bucket. One thing you could do is also run a query when done to count.