Retrieve all cache keys

I am using CouchbaseCacheManager implementation for Spring cache. Suppose I have a bucket “B” and there are 2 caches in it - “cache1” and “cache2”. Cache “cache1” has 10 entries(key, value) and I want to retrieve all these 10 keys. Is there a way to achieve this?

what server version are you using?

I am using 4.5.1 community as of now.

Then you can try N1QL query to fetch all of them

Well yes that is the last solution for me. What I wanted was some inbuilt couchbase-spring-cache method to do the same. If there is logical separation by cache names inside the bucket, then it should have been possible to retrieve all the values in that cache. Querying using N1QL to fulfil my purpose would not allow me to take any advantage of the logical separation of the caches by their name. I would have to skim through all the document ids to find ids which contains “cache1”.