Restricted characters running query via curl?

We’re trying to run the following curl command:

curl -v http://localhost:8093/query/service -d 'statement=SELECT DISTINCT Category,Name,COUNT(Name) As Count FROM bucket v WHERE meta(v).id LIKE "visit-customerXYZ-%" AND (Category IS NULL OR Category == "" OR Category > 1) AND Name > 1 GROUP BY Category,Name ORDER BY COUNT(Name) DESC&timeout=1ms&creds=[{"user": "admin:admin", "pass":"pass"}]'

and it’s throwing the following error:

    "requestID": "c1b38648-121a-4611-ab2f-614e964c672b",
    "errors": [
            "code": 1050,
            "msg": "No statement or prepared value"
    "status": "fatal",
    "metrics": {
        "elapsedTime": "0",
        "executionTime": "0",
        "resultCount": 0,
        "resultSize": 0,
        "errorCount": 1

Are there restricted character we shouldn’t be using?