Restart the Index service of CouchBase

I am using CouchBase 5.0 server and getting a warning like “Warning: Cannot communicate with indexer process. Information on indexes may be stale. Will retry.”
Because of that Primary Index has become in “warmup” status, I have tried to Drop/Recreate the index by using the “DROP Primary Index On bucketName USING GSI” but getting the error like “#primary not exists”. It looks like “Index service” is not running, Can anyone let me know how can I restart the Index service in CouchBase server for a Cluster node as I have only one cluster node.

@kripa, you can kill the “indexer” process running on the box. The system will automatically restart it.

It would be good to take a look at the indexer.log to see if there are any panics etc which could be causing this behavior.

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Thanks @deepkaran.salooja . WIll check the same for similar issue in future.