Requirements for Couchbase as backup for small app

I’m thinking of using Couchbase as a backup endpoint for an android app of mine. Each user will be able to connect with Facebook and backup his data when he wants to do a backup (not continuously).

I read that the minimum requirement is 4GB of RAM. Is that really necessary for a small dataset and few users? If I have 5000 users but never more than 5 simultaneous connections, and that speed isn’t a primary concern, isn’t ~1GB RAM enough?

Any thoughts about this would be welcome.

Much of it depends on how big your dataset is, and what resident ratio you’re willing to accept - certainly you can run with less than 4GB (especially if you’re only using the Data service and not indexing or query), however the performance may not be the same with more memory.

I suggest you test with your dataset / chosen machine size and see how it performs for you.