Request: Couchbase spark connector sub-document mutation example

Can we have a sub-document mutation example for the couchbase spark connector? I’m a bit uncertain how this should be done and I can not find examples in the github project.


Hey @Jordy

Does help?

Update: never mind, I see that is for lookup only. I will open a ticket to add a Sub-Document mutation example.

Created for this.

Thanks graham.pople!

On that same documentation page it said that sub-document mutation was not yet supported. But in the code on github there seems to be some references to the sub-document mutation.

Therefor I was a bit extra confused. If it is already supported then I suggest this piece of documentation should be changed:

Note that the Couchbase SDK also supports subdocument mutations which will be added to the Spark Connector in a future release.


Absolutely, that will be updated also.