Replication without internet

Is there a way to replicate between tablet and laptop without internet access? Through USB or referencing the IP somehow?

Hello @davit,

Believe you are referring to P2P sync and that would require the IP address with the Port.

What platform(s) are you targeting and do you currently have any infrastructure setup to do discovery to locate devices?

@davit, we currently support peer-to-peer replication over IP using the objc and java versions of Couchbase Lite. On iOS, that includes syncing via Bluetooth PAN’s (Personal Area Networks). p2p will be coming to .NET soon.

Syncing via serial port, including USB and Bluetooth’s Serial Profile is something we’re looking at doing, but currently that’s on a much longer time scale.

On iOS, if you use Bonjour (NSNetService) for discovery, you’ll transparently work over unmanaged networks — either ad-hoc WiFi (no base station) or Bluetooth. The drawback is that it only works iOS-to-iOS (or -to-Mac) because Apple’s made up its own protocols for this. Mostly because there aren’t any well established public ones.

I’m using android. What sort of infrastructure do I need to set up?

Is there any examples anywhere of what I would need to do?

Interesting! Hadn’t thought of that possibility. Opens up data sharing in remote places, or direct to someone nearby. Nice :+1: