Replication among 9 sites

I want to configure replication among 3 couchbase sites. So each server will have 8 peer server. That is for A, B and C I will configure both way replication among A<>B , B<>C and C<>A.
Is there any potential issue ? Can conflict happen ? Can introduce latency ?

Since replication of updates is asynchronous unless specified otherwise, there won’t be any additional latency. The clusters will have extra load of performing the replication. There won’t be inconsistency within a cluster as only the active copy is used by client applications unless the client species reading from a replica. See the documentation for behavior of XDCR.

Here is the documentation on replication.

I add all peers to each node like

  • A will have B and C as peer ( bothway )
  • B will have A and C as peer ( bothway )
  • C will have A and B as peer ( bothway )

Can data replicated from A to B cause conflict with replicated data from A to C to B ?

It’s covered in detail in the XDCR Conflict Resolution documentation XDCR Conflict Resolution | Couchbase Docs

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