Rename first node in a new cluster


I’m just playing with a setup with two nodes in a cluster using v.5.1.1 of Community Edition.

I have set up the first database server - and while configuring it I gave it the “name” of the internal IP. This was a mistake as I want to use DNS names. I have realised this prior to setting up the second node as part of the cluster.

As I have read the documentation (and other topics here) then I think I should be able to just rename the first node (as it is the only one) using the REST API. So I tried to use a POST via Postman:

with the “raw” data:

However, this results in this error message:

    "The name cannot be empty"

Any ideas what I am doing wrong here??

… or is there an easy way to “forget” the entire config and just start over again?

Ok, fixed.

I uninstalled the Couchbase server - and reinstalled it again with the right name…