Remove/uninstall default java java_home=opt/couchbase/bin/java

Hi All,
I installed couchbase 7.1.2 and there is default java OpenJDK 11 installed at location opt/couchbase/bin/java.

But we wanted to remove/uninstall it.

Is there any cli/rest or any other option available from couchbase to do it?

Please provide your help.

Why do you want to remove it?


As a secure system, after softwares scanning. We are not allowed to have openJdk because of its vulnerabilities and no vendor support. Thats why we have to remove it. So I am looking to remove it.

Ok. Have you tried replacing it with a JDK that you can use? If you remove it without replacing it, all the functionality that relies on it will not work.

Actually we are not using Couchbase Analytics and so we dont need Java. For us its unwanted and caught by security team. So we have to remove it. Therefore I am asking is there any CLI/REST provided by couchbase to uninstall or remove it.

In worst case if Java is mandatory. Can you help to know how to replace it via Oracle JDK? Is there any reference or documentation steps to perform it?

The CLI command to remove a directory and its contents is “rm -rf <directory-name>”.

Thank you so much to give the removal command.

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