Remove multiple keys with one request


Is it possible to remove multiple keys with one request? Or is there a wildcard remove available?


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Not currently in the plans, but you can always create a request for a feature here:

Also, you can always submit a pull request through github if you would like to contribute.


I want this too (except for in Node SDK)… I had been meaning to make a post about it myself. Seems strange it isn’t already baked in.

I am a novice in this area, just started learning Couchbase. But cann’t we handle this situation in the middle tier so that our user atleast will not feel the pain. Middle tier will interact with couchbase in a batch manner for multiple removes. No idea if this make sense.

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I created a ticket for this:

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You can always create a feature request for the node client in Jira. @brett19 is the node lead here.

@simplymanas -

You definitely could do this in your middle tier, or the SDK could offer methods of convenience for developers so that they do not have to. I think the scenario is common enough that it make sense to make it a feature of the SDK; the feedback from devs also suggests this.


Perfect :slight_smile: Thanks

Thanks Jeff @jmorris

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