Regarding the meaning of each entry of the "Slow Operations Logging"

Hi team,

For the example provided in the documentation, could you please explain in simple term what each entry means?

  "total_duration_us": 1200,
  "encode_duration_us": 100,
  "last_dispatch_duration_us": 40,
  "total_dispatch_duration_us": 40,
  "last_server_duration_us": 2,
  "operation_name": "upsert",
  "last_local_id": "66388CF5BFCF7522/18CC8791579B567C,
  "operation_id": "0x23",
  "last_local_socket": "",
  "last_remote_socket": ""

Some of them are more obvious than others (like the ips), but I am having a hard time understanding what each field means and how can I use them effectively to troubleshoot.

Hi @yeikel
SDK development is done ‘in the open’ and you can find specifications for many of the features here. The observability RFC in particular is useful here and should answer any questions.

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total vs last is for when there are multiple attempts (i.e. retries). total is the sum of all the attempts. last is just the. last attempt.

total_duration is from start to finish from the client’s perspective.

dispatch is from the time it was sent to the server until a response was received or timeout.

server_duration is the time that the server spent processing it.

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